The Victorious Cross and St. Vojtech Church

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The Victorious Cross and St. Vojtech Church (now the church of the Holly Cross) on Zamkowa Street is a Catholic church consecrated in 1862. Its construction began in 1859. The need to build a church arose in 1853, when the Catholic community gathered. This community constituted a few percent of the total population of the city. Only 1,000 Catholics lived in the entire community. The church tower was built in 1900. At first it was low, heavy, only slightly higher than the church, covered with a four-gable roof, then two additional floors were built, the tower acquired a high, pointed roof. This gave the structure an even greater effect of lightness and elegance. On the other side of a not very wide, sandy Zamkowa Street, a rectory (Pfarrhaus) was built together with the church. The building withstood the post-war chaos. The wooden elements of the neo-Gothic interior-altars, pulpit, auditoriums, organ avenue – remained intact.