Turn bog ore into gold - application of iron (bog) ore to artistic activity

Project financed by the Lithuanian Council of Culture and Kazlų Rūda municipality “Turn mud ore into gold – adaptation of mud (bog) ore to artistic activities” was implemented by Kazlų Rūda tourism and business information center in 2022.

Project participants together with geologist dr. Jonas Šečkus participated in two-day sessions. On the first day, the participants were introduced to the secrets of geological science and the history of the occurrence of iron ore in Kazlų Rūda.

On the second day, the project participants went to Višakio Rūda and searched for bog (iron) ore there.

In the second stage of the project, together with the blacksmith and sculptor Adomas Sviklas, the project participants “revitalized” iron ore in a hand-built furnace so called rudnia. Later, the participants of the project made jewelry from the extracted iron – brass pendants with pieces of iron.

This process took place at the yard of museum of our friend Valdas Arbašauskas. Valdas welcomed our company to his homestead, where we could reacquaint ourselves with the old craft on the bank of the Judrė stream.

The manufactured pendants were exhibited at the Kazlų Rūda Tourism and Business Information Center.

Funds allocated to the project:

Lithuanian Council of Culture – 1500 Eur

Municipality of Kazlų Rūda – 372,6 Eur