Let's draw the history of Kazlų Rūda

In 2021 The Kazlų Rūda Tourism and Business Information Center, together with its partners the Kazlų Rūda Rimvydas Žigaitis School of Arts, implemented the project “Let’s Draw the History of Kazlų Rūda” funded by the Lithuanian Culture Council and Kazlų Rūda Municipality.

During the project, the artist Arminas Raugevičius led educational classes for art school students about the search for creative solutions in art “Visualization and creative expression”, students also participated with the workshop with the artist “Let’s draw the history of Kazlų Rūda”. On the wall of the garage in the yard of Tourism and Business Information Center a picture reflecting the interwar era of Kazlų Rūda was painted. The opening of the painted wall took place in October 29 of 2021. During the opening, honorary citizen of Kazlų Rūda, professor Juozas Banionis gave a public lecture about history of Kazlų Rūda, after the lecture opera soloist Egidijus Bavikinas performed most famous Lithuanian interwar songs.

Funds allocated to the project:

Lithuanian Cultural Council – 3500 EUR

Kazlų Rūda municipality – 1500 EUR